Agile Provisioning

Decrease by 85% the time you spend managing your UC infrastructure

Agile Provisioning can dramatically reduce the complexity and time to deploy Cisco IP phones, together with the full range of collaboration services.

As new people are added to your organisation or when changes are needed, it’s essential that users are productive as quickly as possible.

Agile Provisioning will ensure your employees are
operational in a fraction of the time. In reality, this
could reduce the time to deploy from hours to minutes per user.

Collaboration services such as Mobility, Presence and voice mail can be applied in single, easy to use web portal.

Agile is a user-friendly, intuitive tool, meaning that
you are not dependent on a network administrator to carry out the work.

Less experienced and fewer operations staff are able to ensure business continuity and drive higher levels of productivity As Start-up, SMB or large Enterprise, Agile will transform the way you manage your organisation’s productivity and help drive down the cost of IT admin.

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Save Time

Up to 85% of UC operational time saved

Save Money

Delegate your UC management to your first IT level

Increase Productivity

UC skilled employees now focus on real project

Agile Provisioning
Web based
Agile Provisioning
Access defined by profiles
Agile Provisioning
Template based phone creation
Agile Provisioning
Multitenant filters
Agile Provisioning
Average Time of a full user environment creation
Agile Provisioning
Average Time of phone modification
Agile Provisioning

Notable Additional Features

Webex Teams support

Manage users and services in the cloud

Voicemail support

Create and manage end user voicemail

Hunt pilot monitoring

Real time user status and management

UCCX resource management

Deploy agents and assign skills, teams, groups

Multi vendor capabilities

Heterogeneous platform provisioning

Selfcare capabilities

Make everyone able to change their own BLF

SNR activation, PIN / password change…


Access all the collaboration features right from your web browser

Galio can dramatically improve the productivity of your company and your team by delivering a seamless collaboration experience.

Transform the way and the speed that your teams interact by combining enterprise voice, instant messaging and video in a single, easy to use web interface.

Need to quickly include someone in a critical business call? Simply drag and drop their contact entry in to the current conference. Make the voice conference even more impactful by escalating to a video session, by the click of your mouse.

Galio takes full advantage of Cisco’s collaboration platform functionality and presents each user with an unrivalled and powerful package of collaboration applications that increases the agility of an organisation Galio is based on a flexible SDK and so customers with additional requirements can benefit from Flexcom’s expertise in customised development.

Whether you are a small, local business or a multinational enterprise, Galio can transform the way that you communicate with your organisation, your colleagues and your employees.

Multiway IM

Stay in touch with all your contacts with our embedded chat’

Contact Management

Manage all your internal and external contacts from a single interface

Voice and Video Call

Enjoy HD video call right inside your web browser

Other Applications

Push to Jabber

Show up the identity of the external caller into Jabber

Extension Mobility Advanced

Log everywhere with your phone number only

Block Phone

Do not let anyone use your phone

Phone Forward

Manage all the kind of forwards from your IpPhone

Push to Phone

Show up the identity of the external caller on your IpPhone

Agile Metadirectory

Set a unique and smart multi sources directory